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Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka (1928-89) is the godfather of Japanese manga comics. He originally intended to become a doctor and earned his degree before turning to what was still then considered a frivolous medium. His many early masterpieces include the series known in the U.S. as Astro Boy. With his sweeping vision, deftly intertwined plots, and indefatigable commitment to human dignity, Tezuka elevated manga to an art form. Other works include Apollo's Song, Ode to Kirihito, and the eight-volume epic Buddha, winner of the Eisner and Harvey Awards. (Source: Vertical)

Available Titles

 Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century (vol. 1)
 Adolf: An Exile in Japan (vol. 2)
 Adolf: The Half-Aryan (vol. 3)
 Adolf: Days of Infamy (vol. 4)
 Adolf: 1945 and All That Remains (vol. 5)
 Astro Boy vol. 1
 Astro Boy vol. 2
 Astro Boy vol. 3
 Astro Boy vol. 4
 Astro Boy vol. 5
 Astro Boy vol. 6
 Astro Boy vol. 7
 Astro Boy vol. 8
 Astro Boy vol. 9
 Astro Boy vol. 10
 Astro Boy vol. 11
 Astro Boy vol. 12
 Astro Boy vol. 13
 Astro Boy vol. 14
 Astro Boy vol. 15
 Astro Boy vol. 16
 Astro Boy vol. 17
 Astro Boy vol. 18
 Astro Boy vol. 19
 Astro Boy vol. 20
 Astro Boy vol. 21
 Astro Boy vol. 22
 Astro Boy vol. 23
 Buddha: Kapilavastu (vol. 1)
 Buddha: The Four Encounters (vol. 2)
 Buddha: Devadatta (vol. 3)
 Buddha: The Forest of Uruvela (vol. 4)
 Buddha: Deer Park (vol. 5)
 Buddha: Ananda (vol. 6)
 Buddha: Prince Ajatasattu (vol. 7)
 Buddha: Jetavana (vol. 8)
 Phoenix: Dawn (vol. 1)
 Phoenix: A Tale of the Future (vol. 2)
 Phoenix: Yamato/Space (vol. 3)
 Phoenix: Karma (vol. 4)
 Phoenix: Resurrection (vol. 5)
 Phoenix: Nostalgia (vol. 6)
 Phoenix: Civil War Part One (vol. 7)
 Phoenix: Civil War Part Two (vol. 8)
 Phoenix: Strange Beings/Life (vol. 9)
 Phoenix: Sun Part One (vol. 10)
 Phoenix: Sun Part Two (vol. 11)
 Phoenix: Early Works (vol. 12)

Reviews available for non-italicized titles.

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