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Brian Michael Bendis

Website: http://www.jinxworld.com/

Brian Michael Bendis is the two-time EISNER award-winning creator of the JINX line of crime comics published by Image Comics. This line has spawned the graphic novels GOLDFISH, FIRE, JINX and TORSO (w/ Marc Andreyko).

Brian is the current writer of the hit Marvel Comic books "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN," "DAREDEVIL," and "ALIAS."

Brian's recent projects include the Harvey, Eisner, and Eagle award nominated "POWERS" (w/Mike Oeming) from Image, and the Hollywood tell all "FORTUNE AND GLORY" from ONI press, which Entertainment Weekly gave an "A."

Brian is the recipient of the Cleveland Press 'Excellence in Journalism' Award and was named "Best Writer of the Year" by Wizard Magazine.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Alisa and his dogs Shroeder and Buster.

Available Titles

 Fortune and Glory

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