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Written by
Ande Parks

Illustrated by
Eduardo Barreto

Oni Press

Original Graphic Novel,
6 3/4" X 8 7/8"
112 pages,
color cover

$11.95 (US)


Diamond Order Code:
AUG03 2417

Publication Date:
October 22, 2003


UNION STATION by Parks & Barreto

Publisher's Description

Kansas City, 1933. Frank Nash is a petty criminal who has been pinched by the Feds and is being brought back into town by train. When FBI agent Reed Vetterli heads down to Union Station to meet Nash and his uniformed escort, he has no reason to suspect that there will be any action. Neither does Charles Thompson, a reporter sent down to the station just to see what the fuss is for. Little do they know that Frank's buddy, Vern Miller, is going to bust him out. Nash may not be a big time player, but he's still earned some loyalty. The resulting clash ends in a massacre, with no one knowing who pulled the trigger first-or even who pulled it at all. Rumor has it that Pretty Boy Floyd was on the scene, but no one knows for sure, and J. Edgar Hoover doesn't particularly care. He just wants Floyd's butt in an electric chair, and when Vetterli, Miller, and Thompson find themselves in the way of Hoover's justice, they can't duck for cover fast enough.

Ande Parks is known primarily as an inker, his most prominent work being with Phil Hester on the recent revival of DC's Green Arrow. He previously explored the world of creator-owned comics as the creator of Uncle Slam and Fire Dog, but this is his first work as a writer working with another artist. He has approached Union Station with a careful eye for detail, beginning first with the elements of the case that are a matter of public record and then building a fictional narrative around it.

Artist Eduardo Barreto works out of his home in Uruguay. His previous credits include everything from Batman to Aliens vs. Predator, to Indiana Jones and The Shadow. Working on Union Station for Barreto is like a dream come true, allowing him to finally illustrate the sort of story he has always wanted to tell.

Come down to Union Station, and experience a groundbreaking divergence into the true crime genre, a rare gem in the world of graphic novels. Oni Press is pleased to be on the case this October.


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"From Eduardo Barreto's masterful and evocative draftsmanship to Ande Parks' keenly honed dialogue and razor sharp plot, Union Station fills me with professional jealousy as only the best work does."

-- Phil Hester

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