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Written by
Ian Edginton

Illustrated by

Dark Horse Comics

Original Graphic Novel,
full color,
88 pages,

$14.95 (US)


Publication Date:
August 20, 2003


SCARLET TRACES by Edginton & D'Israeli

Publisher's Description

A decade after the Martians abortive assault on the Earth and their attempt to establish an invasion bridgehead on the British Isles; the industrious Victorians have assimilated the Martian technologies into their everyday lives. Hansom cabs now scuttle along the Capital's streets on multi-limbed crab legs and the terrible monopoly of the Martian heat-ray has assured the dominance of the British Empire over two-thirds of the Earth's surface, and whose benign tyranny looks to continue to do so far into the next century. However, there is something rotten at the heart of the Empire...

When the bodies of several young women are found washed up on the Thames, drained of blood, enter Captain Robert Autumn (retired soldier turned gentleman adventurer) and his former Sergeant Major now manservant Archie Currie. Together they are drawn into the mystery which leads them from the gin palaces of the East End, and the grinding poverty of North, to Whitehall's corridors of power and the very Hall of the Martian King!

A scientific adventure by Messrs Ian Edginton & D'Israeli, purveyors of fantastic fiction for young gentlefolk and the mentally deficient.

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"I've been chomping at the bits ever since I first saw these pages a year ago. SCARLET TRACES reunites the acclaimed creative team behind the seminal Wicked of the Damned and stands to be one of the more significant graphic novels to hail from England in recent years. I'm just glad the wait is nearly over."

-- Peter Siegel

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