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Written by
Nunzio DeFilippis &
Christina Weir

Illustrated by
Jose Garibaldi

Oni Press

Original Graphic Novel,
5 1/2" x 8",
88 pages,
color cover

$10.95 (US)


Diamond Order Code:
MAY03 2360

Publication Date:
July 9, 2003


MARIA'S WEDDING by DeFilippis, Weir & Garibaldi

Publisher's Description

Few events exude as much joy, happiness and hope as a wedding, and for an old Italian family like the Pirellis these ceremonies mean even more. Pirelli weddings are about tradition and family as much as they're about the happy couple--or at least they used to be.

When Joseph Pirelli married Matthew it rocked the clan to its knees. Now a year later, the tension and downright animosity between different factions of the family have turned Maria's special day into a powder keg. And poor Frankie, Joseph's outspoken brother, is holding the match.

But while some fear the fuse being lit, others in the family are ready for, and secretly looking forward to, the blow-up. Frankie, on the other hand, thinks his reputation for speaking his mind is undeserved. He just wants to see his favorite cousin get married and maybe rekindle his childhood romance with Maria's maid of honor, Brenna. Can Frankie balance the Pirelli's expectations of him with his own or will the scales tip and bring the whole ceremony crashing down?

Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, who kept readers on the edge of their seats with last year's critically acclaimed thriller SKINWALKER, shed their FBI-issue grey suits for fancy formal wear in this romantic comedy original graphic novel. Joining the pair for the event is break-out artist Jose Garibaldi. While Maria's special day marks Jose's print comic debut, his strong background in commercial illustration and his work on his own webcomics has more than prepared him for this exciting project.

Nunzio, Christina, Jose, and Oni would all like to invite you to the original graphic novel event of the summer! Come enjoy the one wedding of the season without a gift registry! Who knows? You might even catch the bouquet!


(Click the cover image or the Preview Now! button above to view an eight page preview of MARIA'S WEDDING.)

"There's no one catchword to describe DeFilippis and Weir's work. They're single-handedly diversifying the field of comics and I'm equally delighted and mystified to think of what they'll come up with next."

-- Peter Siegel

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