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Written by
Brian Wood

Illustrated by
Rob G


Original Graphic Novel,
88 pages,
color cover

$12.95 (US)

Publication Date:
January, 2005


THE COURIERS 3: The Ballad of Johnny Funwrecker

Publisher's Description

Book Three in the Couriers saga hits the rewind button on the lives of everybody's two favorite urban mercenary couriers and goes back, way back, to 1993. Moustafa's a dirtbag grunge kid selling weed by the cube at Astor Place and Special's a riot grrrl with a mean streak, looking to carve a place for herself in the criminal underworld. How do these two unlikely partners meet up and become the tight-knit team they are now?

Meet Johnny Funwrecker, the hilarious larger-than-life Chinatown mob boss and role model for little street rat hooligans all over. Wood doesn't scrimp on the action and humor in this origin story, and artist Rob G kicks out his own hometown anthem, drawing New York City the way only a true local can.

"The Couriers is the comics equivalent of less talk more rock."

-- Matt Fraction

Brian Wood is the creator and writer of several critically acclaimed graphic novels and comics series, including Channel Zero, The Couriers, and most recently, Demo. He lives in San Francisco where he divides his time between comics, graphic design for the video game industry, and editorial illustration.

Rob G has done artwork for Detective Comics and Metal Hurlant as well as the original graphic novel Filler and the independent comic hit Teenagers From Mars. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and bunny.


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