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Credits: Written and Illustrated by Ivan Brunetti
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books


Everybody loves a dirty joke.

I was with some friends from out of town at Disneyland waiting in line for one of rides, giggling over one of the many filthy pages in Ivan Brunetti's HAW! when the parents of two 6 year olds asked what it was we were laughing about. Like a kid busted for peeping at a porno at the magazine rack, I sheepishly showed them the page that was flipped open.

In Brunetti's cartoony, yet classy, ready-for-the-New-Yorker doodle was the captionless image of a man sitting naked on the floor with a gun clicking empty at his penis. Mounted on said penis was a hand puppet of his wife, who had just walked into the room seeing this wacky spectacle. The couple standing next to us looked at this vile piece of brilliant dark comedy with an expression I can only describe as horror and disgust slightly tempered with shameful enjoyment. Luckily for them, their two children were too busy punching each other in the face to notice this whole exchange.

A small pocket-sized book containing single page comic gags, or "Horrible, Horrible Cartoons" as Brunetti calls them, HAW! is for truly sick people who can appreciate the humor in violence, rape, incest, scatology, suicide, mutilation, and all the other wonderful things that make the world a lovely place.

Perfect for passing time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

-- Charlie Chu


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